Do You Avoid Looking In The Mirror?
Maybe you don’t like to look in the mirror because of your weight, or your wrinkles, or your new grey hairs.
Have you stopped caring about how you look or feel?

Are you tired of spending money on shots, expensive creams and hair products galore? It may look grim right now so I want to give you some hope today.  I know that it happens, life does that to you, stress weakens you. Oxidative stress gets a little out of control. We all want to look more attractive, feel more energetic and yet we age. And we just kind of accept this. But what if you could LOOK and FEEL as youthful as you are?
Because I feel confident that antioxidant enzymes could help you out.

What if you could reverse the rusting from the inside out?

What if you could neutralize a poison that is made in all of your cells, no matter how healthy you are. Even if you have perfect health, you are making hydrogen peroxide. 

Catalase is a big BIG deal,
This enzyme neutralizes dangerous hydrogen peroxide that is made in every single in your body!*

You need to get rid of it because hydrogen peroxide could bleach you, it could rust you. It’s a free radical and a dangerous one at that. Most of us have a bottle of hydrogen peroxide in our medicine cabinet, so it may surprise you that it’s made in your cells too. You probably didn’t know that. I bet some of you have tried to bleach your skin and hair with hydrogen peroxide!

Trillions of your cells produce minute amounts of hydrogen peroxide as part of normal cellular metabolism. Your endogenous catalase gets rid of it in seconds.

Balance is key: if you run low on catalase, the peroxide builds up.* It has to be neutralized continuously. If you don’t neutralize it right now, you can ‘rust’ inside. And outside too.
I'm about to tell you how you can:
  • Get more vitality and shine in your hair*
  • Support skin integrity and matrix structure*
  •  Support healthy cholesterol ratios*
  •  Protect from free radical damage to DNA*
  •  Support liver health*
  •  Reduce oxidation processes in the body*
Fight grey and gloom from the inside out with Catalase
Are you looking to address the visible signs of aging in your appearance? Well, I can help. Because I've been in your shoes and want you to look and feel like yourself, but more youthful, more rested, and more refreshed...
Meet Suzy Cohen
America's Pharmacist®
I've been a pharmacist for 27 years and a
Functional Medicine practitioner for 20 years.
That's a ton of nerdiness!

You may have seen me on The Dr. OZ Show, as well as The 700 Club, The View, The Doctors and more.

I'm a syndicated columnist so my articles are printed somewhere, every day in this country for the past 20 years!

I co-hosted THE THYROID SUMMIT in 2014.

Also magazines: Woman’s Day, Reader’s Digest, Prevention, Huffington Post, Fitness, Better Homes & Gardens and dozens more.

I'm the woman you want for this job!
Because I'm a pharmacist. I understand complex biochemical pathways in the human body and combine that knowledge with a love of herbs and vitamins.
I'm passionate about creating formulas that work.
Do you want to know how to look healthier and more vibrant?
If you want the best healthy aging benefits without going broke, then the advanced form that I'm about to share with you will leave you absolutely speechless.
You'll discover here how you can boost your skin-care routine, and feel more beautiful than ever before.

You need not, and you shouldn't submit to invasive and painful anti-wrinkle procedures that could go wrong. If you're looking for something that will help you age gracefully, or just a woman looking for ways to improve her well-being, then there's something else out there that can offer you these benefits without the risk of taking other extreme options.

Now, imagine looking into the mirror, and seeing a healthier and more vibrant you, year after year, with one simple thing.
High peroxide = RUSTING = Medical Conditions
It's called aging!
Rusting or more scientifically termed “oxidation” is associated with hundreds of adverse health conditions you don’t want to deal with as you age.

This catalase – It’s new, and it’s exciting to even think about.

The things I could say are phenomenal and would give you so much hope…

...but I can’t say them.

As a supplement maker I am sort of muzzled.
Now, Here's What the FDA Permits Me to Tell You:
1. Catalase helps reduce oxidation processes in the body*
2. Catalase turns hydrogen peroxide into water and oxygen*
3. Catalase protects DNA and mitochondrial function*
It's Expensive...

...this whole business of looking prettier. And we’ll spend a lot of money on cosmetics and treatments that we deem special, just so we can look in the mirror, and like what we see.

You see, we're all going to get old and wrinkly. Our hair is going to either turn grey, become thin, or fall out completely. Exciting times ahead, right? Not really. And, unfortunately, we simply can’t get around this fact of life. Aging gracefully is obviously easier said than done. In fact, that’s why millions of women succumb to surgery, endless botox and filler shots, plus laser and hair dyes.

That's another important reason why beauty
can and should begin from within.
You see, time steals our youth.
And as more time passes, we age quicker, and our appearance changes through a process called oxidation. Oxidative molecules are what cause oxidation, and antioxidants are the antidote to oxidation.

As we get older, the signs of aging become more and more visible. For example, the fine lines become deeper wrinkles and our once soft, shiny hair starts to lose its color and vitality, or it falls out in patches. We start to slump over when we walk and pain flares up in our joints. This is just what you can see on the outside, but it starts to happen on the inside.

It’s due in part to oxidation which destroys cell membranes as well as cellular proteins, fats, and your crystalline DNA.

You have to control the oxidation.

Signs of excessive oxidation are the same as signs of aging. Internally, you would begin to experience hardening of the arteries, higher blood pressure, and reduced production of sex hormones and the neurotransmitters that keep you happy.

Another sign is lipid peroxidation which simply means your cholesterol has rusted and it can significantly raise your risk for heart attack.

Lipid peroxidation is oxidative destruction of fats (lipids).

That’s when they begin to prescribe all kinds of medications to pat down a dozen ‘fires’ in your body. Doesn’t it make more sense to neutralize peroxides and offset damage done by free radicals?

Because this will allow you to UN-oxidize yourself, rather than taking 11 crazy drugs simply to conceal what’s really happening inside.
So, how exactly do you un-oxidize yourself?
You make antioxidants… What's the main key word there? ANTI-oxidation. These are important to understand because they offset the oxidative process. In scientific terms, you’ll hear them termed “Reactive Oxygen Species” so when you see that term or “ROS” - you’ll know it’s bad for you.

We take the air we breathe and normally utilize the oxygen to produce energy.

It’s somewhat more complicated than that but the point is that we constantly use oxygen for hundreds of biochemical reactions, every split second of the day. Oxygen is needed for every breath we take. You know oxygen by its molecular symbol, O2. The “O” is for oxygen, and the number 2 means there are 2 oxygen atoms bonded together. We know O2 is life-giving and healthy.

In fact, it's the most stable form of oxygen. Peroxide, on the hand, is quite harmful, while water is life-giving (and yet only one oxygen atom separates them).
Let's break this down further...

H2O is water (it has one oxygen molecule)
H2O2 is peroxide (it has two oxygen molecules)

The thousands of various bodily processes create highly unstable particles that are very touchy-touchy (reactive) and you know these molecules as “free radicals.”

They are anything but free!
Your liver is one of the best antioxidant labs in the world!
In fact, your liver makes for you all kinds of antioxidants including Superoxide Dismutase, Glutathione, CoQ10, and Catalase.

At least enough to deal with all the oxidative stress you subject yourself to on a day-to-day basis. You're exposed to pollution, toxins, and awful chemicals that weren't floating around in any time in human history except for now.

In other words - your body is taking a beating. And that's what is also contributing to you feeling tired, having poor short-term memory, and getting more wrinkles and grey hairs.
You overwhelm your system with what you do, what you eat, drink, breathe, and think!
But here's the underlying problem...

No matter how hard you try to avoid toxins, you are going to be exposed to them and you’re always experiencing some degree of stress. That’s your body’s cue to rise to the occasion and produce more antioxidants, or your cue to consume healthier foods or supplements.

And what are the signs of insufficient antioxidant production? Some signs are when your body ages faster and your health declines all at the same time. Think of joint aches, blurry vision, wrinkles, grey hair, and DNA damage.
Signs and symptoms of oxidative damage
  • Feeling tired
  • Poor memory, especially short-term
  •  Grey hair
  •  More wrinkles than others your age
  •  More infections
  • Headaches
  • Muscle aches
  • Autoimmune disorders
  • Decreasing vision
Now I’m not saying there’s a way to look like you’re 30 when you're 70, 
but certainly you know what I’m talking about. 
Introducing Catalase: One of the world’s most powerful antioxidants!
Fight grey and gloom from the inside out with Catalase
I recently introduced you to catalase when I talked about HashiScript in 2016. HashiScript is my formula that supports thyroid and immune health*, and it contains some catalase.

My customer service team was inundated with calls and emailsfrom many of you who were interested in learning more about looking and feeling younger.

We were getting calls from people who wanted JUST the catalase, so you could either take it all by itself, or so you could take more of it along with HashiScript (we have a list with all of your names so don’t worry about getting lost in the mix).

The other day I affectionately dubbed catalase as “Curly” – one of The Three Stooges, because it’s associated with hair. But seriously, it’s associated with your entire health, not just your hair!

Catalase is such a powerful antioxidant and you make it! One molecule of catalase enzyme can snatch up about 40 million molecules of hydrogen peroxide and turn it into water and oxygen in just one second. And, it goes around and does it again and again. Catalase is not a one-time enzyme, it works over and over because your body recycles it.
If you don't make enough Catalase you are missing out on some
incredible benefits:
  • Powerful antioxidant that supports mitochondrial health*
  • Possible anti-degenerative effects*
  •  Supports fat metabolism*
  •  Protects DNA strands*
  •  Protects our blood and neutralizes cellular poisons*
Scientists have studied the enzyme catalase. Because it has unbelievable, well-documented antioxidant properties.* In fact, catalase is extremely beneficial to your bloodstream, to your thyroid, and to all your organs.* It’s a super antioxidant and it’s endogenous (you make it).

Hydrogen peroxide, however, is high in people with thyroid disorders.

Hydrogen peroxide is bad. Water and oxygen is awesome. You essentially want this to happen, because when peroxide builds up, it will hurt you from the inside out.
Catalase helps reduce hydrogen peroxide and as we age,* or as our health declines, this free radical can take over our bodies. Hydrogen peroxide has been studied and it’s implicated in oxidative stress disorders and in many chronic illnesses.

In other words? Catalase helps to support your body’s healthy antioxidant levels.*

Over the last seven years it has become clear that catalase is among our bodies’ most valuable, smartest antioxidants. It doesn’t distinguish tissue and work only here, or only there. Right now, there is a worldwide effort taking place among researchers who have dedicated their careers to studying the protective effects of catalase against oxidative stress and the harm it does our body.
New discoveries are revealing more amazing benefits like vision support
Research from 2015 suggests that catalase could be used to protect eyesight.* More specifically, catalase may fight the oxidative stress that occurs in the retina.* Human retina cells treated with catalase produced lower levels of harmful hydrogen peroxide.*

Research from 2011, conducted by scientists from the United States and the United Kingdom discovered that older hair follicles in humans produce less catalase. Without enough catalase, hydrogen peroxide can build up in the cells and cause free radical damage.*

The researchers concluded that the effect of oxidative stress on hair cells could be one of the main reasons why hair loses its color, causing each follicle to contain fewer melanocytes, thus having more white hairs appear. It’s possible that those of us with fewer grey hairs produce more catalase from our liver. It’s a thought.

Catalase enzyme carries out the second step in a two-step breakdown process that neutralizes “superoxide.”* If you don’t know what superoxide is, think of it as an explosive grenade in our body. Superoxide is bad, as it is one of the most harmful free radicals known.

The first step to eliminating this grenade is with a Dismutase enzyme, known specifically as “superoxide Dismutase” because it breaks down superoxides, hence the name “superoxide Dismutase.”

 We abbreviate it as SOD. I’ve talked about this before because I personally have gene SNPs in my SOD gene according to my 23andme genetic report. I’ll come back to SOD genes in a moment, because they are important

Right now, I want to show you how the superoxide grenade breaks you down
SOD enzyme turns that grenade into something slightly less awful…

It turns the superoxide into “hydrogen peroxide” (and a little oxygen). But hydrogen peroxide is still a reactive free radical. It too needs to be dealt with or you will bleach yourself. Remember, H2O2 (hydrogen peroxide) is a bleaching agent whether you make it in your cells or buy it in a brown bottle from the pharmacy.

Getting rid of peroxide is the second step to completely neutralizing the original superoxide grenade.* This is where catalase works by converting peroxide into heathy water and oxygen compounds.* If you don’t have catalase, the peroxide builds up. That’s bad.

I want to circle back to the gene called SOD, which provides biological instructions to your cells so they can make your enzyme “superoxide Dismutase,” which accomplishes step one in disarming the SOD grenades. Studies have demonstrated that alterations in this enzyme system can cause the death of motor neurons. If you don’t have enough of either your SOD or catalase enzymes, you will have a lot of cellular oxidation.*

Catalase is present in almost all cells, including red blood cells. If you are deficient in iron (like if you have anemia or low ferritin), you will be at a disadvantage in terms of having enough working catalase.

You might benefit from supplementation because your catalase can’t work without a heme (iron) group.* A study in 2009 found that people with iron deficiency anemia suffered more oxidative stress and reduced catalase activity when subjected to free radical tests.*

Here's why Catalase is my secret weapon and why it can be yours too...
Catalase is a powerful antioxidant that has been scientifically studied for years.*
It’s both an antioxidant and an enzyme and it converts hydrogen peroxide into water and oxygen.*

Catalase molecules are like policemen, they patrol your cells and ‘arrest’ excessive amounts of H202, which is steadily produced as part of your cellular metabolism and thyroid production.* The problem occurs when there are more bums (hydrogen peroxide) than there are policeman (catalase) to protect you. Catalase supplementation may support our skin and our hair in such a way that it allows us look as youthful as we feel.*

Catalase is my newest supplement formula and it’s 500 mg per capsule. Among other things, it will help support thicker, fuller and better looking hair from the inside out.*

Catalase enzyme is incredibly strong.* It has to be because it “touches” hydrogen peroxide without getting burned or destroyed. It’s one of the most efficient enzymes you have in your body.* Each catalase molecule can neutralize millions of molecules of hydrogen peroxide every second.*

So, now ask yourself...
Catalase is amazing.  Here's the proof...
A clinical study (University of Washington School of Medicine) took mice and made them produce extra amounts of the antioxidant “Catalase” and in two key areas of the cell, the mitochondria and the nucleus. Catalase breaks hydrogen peroxide into water and oxygen.

The researchers had their thinking caps on because if you could pick two of the most precious parts of your cells, it would be hands down, your mitochondria and your nucleus. Now remember, catalase breaks hydrogen peroxide into water and oxygen.

Hydrogen peroxide = BAD
Water and oxygen = GOOD (actually, AWESOME)
The mice who had additional Catalase generated in their mitochondria outlived the untreated mice by five months.* In the critter world, this is a long time. Pretty significant!
The mice who had more catalase also had healthier heart muscle tissue.* There was better eye health and other signs of aging were either delayed or absent.* The researchers concluded, “It is clear that Catalase may prolong lives.”*
Medicines that interfere with catalase
Certain medications interfere with cofactors that allow catalase to work. I’ve researched this and found out that some of the most popular medications hinder catalase enzyme, making it less effective. This is not a complete list, it’s just the most common offenders. If you take any of these (or drink coffee), you may have reduced catalase activity:
  • Antibiotics
  • Ibuprofen and other anti-inflammatory drugs
  •  Folic acid
  •  Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT)
  •  Contraceptives (estrogen-containing drugs)
  •  Digoxin
  •  Coffee
Imagine that!
What if your day started with you feeling more energetic and rested,
and you looked it!
Like…you didn’t need two layers of concealer under your eyes!

How will you feel when you don’t need so much hair dye every month, or hair products to create more vibrant and fuller hair?

Wouldn’t it be nice to find yourself smiling more, making more lunch dates with girlfriends, and living like you were 30 again?

What if you felt well enough to do things for yourself again, and feel that sense of accomplishment again?

Sephora. It used to be my stomping ground. I felt like I needed more creams and lotions for dry skin, or some new concealer cream to cover this or that. Today, at 51 with the help of catalase and a few other secret weapon supplements (which one day I will put into a beauty supplement), I feel like I hit the lottery. I love my catalase, I take it every day. I don’t miss a day.

I want you to try my new supplement right now and get all of the benefits I got.

It’s a head-banging (but funny) story really...

When I first learned about Catalase two years ago, I wanted to take it as a single, stand-alone supplement. But I could not find Catalase in the United States – just makers who were putting catalase into formulas that contained 10 or 15 other ingredients, things I didn’t want to put in my body. Plus these other formulas contained excipients like magnesium stearate.

It was frustrating because I didn’t want to put all these other things into my body, I just wanted to take Catalase, a single enzyme (just like my body makes).

So, for a long time I bought it from the United Kingdom, from a company that produced it as a 250 mg capsule, but even that was troubling to me because the shipping was always $26 and the price of the product was $29 for a bottle of 250 mg dose per capsule. So the shipping was almost as much as the price of their formula!

I decided that spending $55 each month to buy this product was crazy, so I tried buying two bottles at once. But I was always bothered because the catalase I was buying contained magnesium stearate and additional “other” ingredients, plus I worried if it was biologically active after being shipped for a week or two to get to me.
I began researching and found a “naturally clean source of catalase” and the rest is history…
In fact, I knew right then and there that I had to bring this to market to help other lost women who were drowning fast in a sea of getting older.

It was a huge effort, there were about 497 emails, 27 phone calls, and 201 texts involved in the making of my product. But honestly? There is no saying “no” to me. If someone says “no” I just have to think of a different way to ask.

And, in this case, I wanted Catalase – a clean version that actually works!

You would think this is the end of my Catalase story but it’s not. As soon as my lab shipped it to my fulfillment warehouse, the real fun began!

Keep in mind that almost all supplement makers begin promoting and selling supplements to you because THEY CAN, but that’s not how I roll. I waited because I wanted to do some testing on my Catalase – tests that have NEVER been done before on this type of enzyme. Basically, I wanted to make sure that this precious enzyme was still biologically active before I put it in a bubble mailer and shipped it out to you.

See the attached “Certificate of Analysis” which shows my catalase is absolutely perfect. It meets what is called “The Label Claim” so you can be assured that what is ON the label is actually IN each capsule.
Gastric survivability in an
oral capsule form
Why did I test it after it was at the fulfillment center? Because I wanted to be sure that the encapsulation process and the ground transit from my laboratory to my fulfillment didn’t deactivate your Catalase.

Then I started to wonder, will Catalase make it through your gut and the answer to that is YES! I tested it for sure, and you can see from the graph that activity is recovered once the enzyme reaches your intestines. So there is definitely gastric survivability in an oral capsule form.
More fun… I began to think that some of you live in hot regions like Arizona, Texas, Florida, and southern California. What happens to your Catalase if you buy it and it sits in your mailbox for a couple of days at 100 degrees? Don’t you want to know that? I did too. I had to bang my head for a few days (and I’m sure the researchers at Sora Labs did too after hanging up with me) but we HAD TO come up with a test that mimicked a hot mailbox like so many of you have.

And voila!

Sora Labs did a temperature test for me on this and you can see for yourself. I have a Certificate of Analysis that shows that high heat doesn’t affect my Catalase – it will still meet label claims and provide you the amount of Catalase stated on the label.
How to easily achieve healthier looking skin in your life
After many years of being in the business of showing women how easy it is to remain ageless, I have yet to come across a woman who has decided to settle, to remain indifferent to her looks. Yet many of those I encounter are using complicated approaches (and many dangerous ones) to solve a simple problem.

I will therefore urge you to take a few minutes to reassess your position concerning the actions you've taken so far on your face and body (as far as anti-wrinkle and anti-aging health care goes).

You see, just like many other things in life though, what you want for your face and body and overall health is entirely up to you. You may choose to do nothing.

And watch helplessly as you get grey hairs, as your face accumulates wrinkles, your cheeks continue to drop, your forehead is taken over by lines, your chin multiplies, your eyes develop bags under them, and several other unsightly signs associated with aging.

Or, you may do something different (because you know I did).

You may decide to take action in order to have the better hair and the smoother skin you once had before.* You may decide to take action to have a face endowed with the youthfulness you feel inside.*

If you choose the latter...
...then I hope you do try my Catalase, because it's unique, it's safe, and it's truly one-of-a-kind.
It's essentially the next big thing for you to own (especially if you don't want to buy something like this from another country). Additionally, if you want a safer alternative, then I'm the only one that you can buy it from. And I believe that mine is the purest Catalase on the market.
There are so many problems associated with someone who has low catalase.
Now, on the flip side, when you do have enough Catalase, it can help your hair, your skin, your eyesight, your mitochondrial health, it protects your blood, it protects DNA damage, it helps you age better, it helps with fat metabolism (new research from Japan shows that), and so much more!*
Fight grey and gloom from the inside out with Catalase
Get your bottle of Catalase before the sale ends
* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Disclaimer: The entire contents of this website are based upon the opinions of Suzy Cohen, RPh. The information on this website is not intended as medical advice, nor is it intended to replace the care of a qualified health care professional. Always consult your doctor before changing your health care regimen.

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