Support your Memory and Cognition and  
be a More Vibrant Version of You!*
Boost and Balance Your Thinking Patterns*

 Do you ever ask yourself: 

Why no matter how hard you try or what diet you follow, you still feel fatigued physically and mentally?

Why it's hard for you to carry on when you're always forgetting?

Why you can't seem to hit your ideal body weight (when it's just a few pounds away)?

You see, if there’s one nutrient that I wish our bodies could make, it’s essential fatty acids - but humans aren't able to manufacture those ourselves.

That’s why we use fish oils

Studies on our population have clearly indicated that if you have a lower blood level of DHA – or DHA and EPA combined – due to lower intakes... are at significantly greater risk for a number of really bad health conditions. Scary stuff, right? And, to make matters worse, you’ve probably spent money on doctors, health magazines, and you may have even read a bunch of related articles online. The problem with that is you’re now more confused by all of the conflicting advice.

Because everyone is telling you it's easy to eliminate feeling tired and sluggish... In fact, it probably seems like everyone is an expert nowadays since they're all telling you it's easy to fix. That all it comes down to is energy balance. And that you just need to 'move more' and eat less.

Well, they're wrong. It's not easy. It's not easy because we're all so very different.

Our bodies are vastly different from one another. Sure, energy balance is a contributing factor, but...
Flawed thinking! You can't just MOVE more and EAT less
You see, that's why I keep coming back to the importance of fish oils.

Because with thousands of papers written on the benefits of omega 3 fatty acids (like those found in fish oils), I think it’s safe to say that fish oils are among the best way to maintain healthy cholesterol levels* and to give your heart a healthy boost.*

Research has shown that omega 3 fatty acids such as EPA and DHA found in fish oils can protect you in several different ways.

Their actual names are a real mouthful – EPA is eicosapentaenoic acid and DHA is decosahexaenoic acid. So we’ll just stick with EPA and DHA, okay? 
For one, they can provide needed support to your circulatory system* and second, they can inhibit the body’s production of substances that can cause inflammation.*
We know that heart disease is bad, and we know that fish oils are good for promoting heart health.* This supplement has even received a thumbs up from the American Heart Disease.

Yep, you've read that right. Fish oils are unquestionably useful at helping to maintain a healthy level of triglycerides in your blood.* And, since we can’t make these precious oils ourselves, we have to supplement with them.
The Truth About Fats
The Good, The Bad, And The In-Between
Now, if you or your child want to obtain optimal cognitive function, then plentiful intake of omega 3 fats are essential, in particular, the DHA portion of fats.*

As you know, saying “fat” to people often goes awry. Fat gets a bad rap! This is because fat conjures up all sorts of negative visuals.

Think about it yourself though... Close your eyes and say “fat” and where does your mind go? I bet it doesn’t go anywhere GOOD, that's for sure. That’s because through the years, the word “fat” has been associated with negative things. 
But the only really toxic fat is the “visceral” fat that surrounds and strangles your precious organs. It’s that kind of fat that is dangerous. Make sense?

From now on, I want you to think of certain fats as healthy, life-sustaining things. In fact, the best organs in your body are made of fats: your heart, your brain, pancreas, liver, and your omentum (which is the fat that insulates your intestines).

There are other fats, though, and those are where fatty acids like those from fish oils play a role in your health.
So, How Can Omega 3 Fatty Acids Help You?
Omega 3 fatty acids support fatty organs.* Omega 3s include both EPA and DHA. That’s why you see both on the label of your supplements.
I believe that DHA can rightly be called brain food.* In other words... DHA is food for your brain!* The literature is clear: If you want to support brain health, then essential fatty acids like fish oils and DHA are the way to go.*
 It’s not just a supplement. DHA is something babies get from their mothers through breast milk. It gives them a great head start. Even if you didn’t get DHA through breast feeding as an infant, it’s okay to start now.
Better late than never because DHA is brain food, literally.*
Why would I make such a bold statement? Here’s why. Because it's scientifically supported.
DHA is great if you want to optimize brain health and mood support* Your brain’s cerebral cortex is composed of 20% fatty acids... and DHA is a critical nutrient for general brain health.*
At the end of the day, DHA is a quintessential component for your brain, and important research on DHA has shown it supports structural integrity of your central nervous system.*
Research also shows that DHA supports a healthy mood and emotional well-being* It's ideal for anyone seeking healthy cognitive function.* 
What are some other benefits, you ask?

Well, DHA also helps maintain cellular fluidity, which supports our memory and thinking patterns.* DHA is a fat and so are your eyes.

For that reason, DHA may support your vision.* DHA supports brain, eye, and nervous system function in developing babies.*

It improves immune function and mood support for moms throughout all stages of pregnancy.*
How Can I Improve My Short Attention Span?
Great question. If you have a short attention span, then you probably forget things easily. In fact, do you get derailed from a task easily or distracted by sounds and noises? What about your brain function? Do you feel like you used to be faster at thinking things through and making decisions?

These types of questions are probably questions that you have asked either in regards to yourself or your children, whose attention span might seem like that of a gnat.

 Trust me, I hear you!

When my now 23-year-old son was just 9, a doctor told me he had ADHD, and I came *this close* to putting him on a stimulant. 
But I didn’t, and in the end I’m glad, because he is a brilliant, gifted young man who would have had some degree of brain damage from those types of drugs.
They are stimulants you know, just like “speed” (amphetamine).

Studies show that children and teenagers with low levels of DHA have poor reading scores as well as behavioral problems.*

Could these children benefit from omega-3 supplementation?

Why aren’t the physicians considering DHA supplementation as well, along with some magnesium which is thought to help calm the nervous system?*

Some studies point to DHA supplementation as a method of increasing overall cognitive health as you get older.*

Kids between the ages of 3 and 5 years old who had received omega 3 fatty acid supplements as infants outscored kids who were in the placebo group.* By “outscored” I mean they had better results across the board on their vocabulary and mental agility tests...

 ...So maybe the key is simply to support a rapidly growing brain with a high quality fatty acid nutritional supplement, particularly one with DHA in it.*
Discover How Omega-3s Can Support Optimal Brain Function*
Keep in mind our bodies don’t produce essential fatty acids...

...and these fatty acids are designated as being “essential” for a reason. When your omega 3s are inadequate, your nervous system is more likely to be reactive and cell to cell communication is disrupted.*

This is why mood is so frequently impacted in a bad way when we don’t get enough omega 3 fats or DHA from our diet.* On top of that, DHA supplementation can help a person with their neurological function, which is so very important to help maintain health aging.*
It’s this neurological function that has to be addressed. Research was done to see what happens when older folks are given DHA.
According to the results of a study recently published in Alzheimer’s and Dementia, the journal of the Alzheimer’s Association, DHA intake is directly correlated with maintaining cognitive health in older adults.*

This trial should have made huge news... and yet I never once saw it on a news station or on a social media platform! I never heard about it at any of my pharmacy conventions either. The study was a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled, clinical study conducted at 19 different clinical sites in the United States. The study included 485 older adults with memory problems who were given 900 mg of DHA every day, for six months.
At the end of the trial, the researchers saw significant improvements in both memory and cognition compared to the control group who didn’t take the DHA supplement.* And there were no serious adverse effects from taking the DHA!

The researchers concluded, “Supplementation with 900 mg per day DHA improved learning and memory function in ARCD [Age Related Cognitive Decline] and is a beneficial supplement that supports cognitive health with aging.”*
Why Supplement with Fish Oils?
I'll tell you why. Because it’s a clean, pure way to ensure you get enough heart-healthy fats.*

You can certainly eat seafood, and I recommend that you do, but to be completely forthcoming, there is a lot of debate in the health industry about eating seafood nowadays.

Should we or should we not?

One day we’re told to eat only wild-caught fish because it has higher levels of essential fatty acids (in fact, wild-caught salmon has about twice as much as farmed salmon). 
But then there’s a news flash about radiation (in the Pacific Ocean from Fukushima) or heavy metals and PCBs found in all of the oceans, or we see disgusting images of trash on our beaches and it scares people into thinking that farm-raised fish is better. The arguments go back and forth.

I don’t know about you, but salmon is my favorite.

Sadly, some producers are actually injecting farmed salmon with synthetic and fake astaxanthin to make it a pretty pink instead of its natural grey color. It’s just gotten out of control. So, to keep things safe for people who want a pure source of omega 3 fatty acids, supplementation has become the most convenient way because it can be tested to see if it’s safe, effective, and potent. 
CAUTION: Why All Fish Oils Are Not Made Equal
Here are a dozen reasons to be choosy about your FISH OIL supplements:  
1. Softgels can be big, making them too hard to swallow
2. Fish oils can go rancid quickly (due to oxidation)
3. "Fish burp" – it’s unpleasant (and really unromantic!)
4. The ratio of EPA and DHA isn’t optimized for your brain, heart, or eyes
5. The dosage is very high for marketing purposes, but it makes it unsafe
6. The fish source is from farmed fish, which may contain environmental toxins
7. The fish source is from farmed fish, which may have been GMO fed
8. The fish source was taken from contaminated waters (which keeps the price low, but it’s no bargain)
9. The fish oil is an “ethyl ester” which is a synthetic form
10. It could contain PCBs, heavy metals, or other contaminants depending on where it’s sourced
11. The potency of the fish oil could be less than claimed on the label
12. The fish oil could be rancid, but you can’t see if it’s not in a clear softgel.
Finding and Using the Very Best Fish Oil Possible
It’s a huge industry, this industry of essential fatty acids (EFAs), so why choose mine? Well, It’s mainly about the fish.
If you’re going to take a concentrate of some fish product, then you want to make sure the source is clean... and that the waters they’re swimming around in are also clean. 
On top of that, DHA Script – DHA plus vitamin D3 – is my custom formula, and is definitely NOT a copycat.
I designed it to be as fresh and as potent as possible by importing the freshest oils from Germany! My formula contains both EPA and DHA, but the DHA component is higher to support your brain, heart, and mood.*
It’s been tested to be free of the contaminants normally associated with inferior brands of fish oil. The softgels are small and most of all, my brand has 2,500 IU natural vitamin D in it.
When you put DHA and vitamin D3 together, it’s a marriage made in heaven. Vitamin D is a powerful immune modulator and a fat-loving antioxidant, and the synergy of omega 3s with Vitamin D is absolutely awesome.*
Vitamin D is also an excellent antioxidant which helps preserve the freshness of my essential fatty acids. And, when it comes to your heart, which is a muscle by the way, the vitamin D helps with muscle health.*
There’s actually a fish oil organization called GOED – it stands for Global Organization for EPA and DHA. This is specifically for fish oil makers, not all other supplements. GOED plays a huge role in making supplement makers accountable for what they produce for you, the consumer. GOED was established in 2002 and it sets very strict quality and purity standards for fish oil makers. It’s an important step toward standardizing fish oils in our industry, but they can’t address all the quality-related issues that have popped up in such a worldwide industry.
Figuring Out Whether What You're Buying is Natural vs. Synthetic
There are two types of fish oil supplements that are available today. One is the “triglyceride” form, and the other is the “ethyl ester” form. When I use the term “triglyceride” for fish oils, it’s a good thing. Don’t think of triglycerides like those that are in your arteries. It’s not the same thing.
Triglycerides are made of fatty acids (such as EPA and DHA) and they are attached to a glycerol backbone. This is the molecular form of fatty acids that makes up virtually all fats and oils in both animal and plant species. This is considered natural. The omega 3 fatty acids that occur in fish are almost exclusively the triglyceride form.
In the last 10 years we’ve seen the “ethyl ester” form pop up into the market. These are fatty acids (such as EPA and DHA) but they are attached to an alcohol molecule, specifically “ethanol.”
In fact, these “ethyl esters” are synthetic, created in a lab and they are not naturally occurring in fish. The fatty acids get chemically glued to an alcohol backbone in this case. This process occurs in a lab. The reason they do this is to concentrate the dose, and perhaps get a patent.
DHA Script by Suzy Cohen is a high DHA product, providing 500 mg of DHA in a once-daily softgel, and the fish oils are “natural” in that these are fatty acids that occur normally in a fish.
A “triglyceride” type of fish oil is one that you might find in nature and it is not heavily refined like an “ethyl ester” type of fish oil supplement. This should be disclosed on the label.
Now, I know what you're thinking... What fish do we use? Where is it sourced? Is it high quality?
My brand of fish oil supply only comes from deep ocean waters, not farm-raised fish. We use fish oil supplies that come from anchovies, sardines, and mackerel from the cold, deep waters of South America. This is not farm-raised fish oil.
This is as Pure, High Quality, and Natural as you can Get
Everything is processed in a GMP certified laboratory under strict manufacturing regulations. It’s so stringently regulated that the makers are allowed to process pharmaceuticals.
This isn’t any old lab, in fact, it’s in Germany! I had ‘barrels’ of pure fish oils imported to the United States because I couldn’t find a U.S. source that I was completely satisfied with.
I don't know about you, but if you're anything like me... reputation matters! Select a company that is built on its reputable product line.
Fish oils are one of the easiest products for supplement makers to skimp on because you can’t usually feel a targeted benefit so you’re never 100% sure they are working, right? You just have to take somebody’s word for it.
Sometimes there are contaminants in the fish oils, or they go rancid, but the maker is still selling them because they can’t afford to throw them out. Or maybe the amount claimed on the label is not really the amount inside the capsule. These are common things that unscrupulous companies are doing and it's awful for us consumers.
Whomever you choose to buy from though, make sure they share their tests, and make sure it’s an independent test, not one that the maker did on it.
I use a third-party lab on my supplements. I don’t personally test them because that would be a conflict of interest, right? But some makers boast their results. And then you later find out they were the ones testing the product!
Honestly, that doesn't help anyone.
DHA Script, on the other hand, is guaranteed to meet my high quality standards since it is made from carefully selected ingredients under very strict manufacturing processes and our brand of fish oil is sourced from clean water.
Recently, there were 30 fish oil brands (popular ones, too) tested by an independent lab and the average content of fatty acids varied by 24 percent. Worse, some products had less than 50% inside the softgel of the amount claimed on the label.
Contamination testing wasn’t so bad. Actually you might be worse off eating a fish that was caught in a dirty ocean than the purified fish oils. Most makers are okay on this or they are not testing for the impurities that they should be. I vet my labs.
I vet my sources. I openly post my Certificates of Analysis. This type of transparency is important to me and yet no other supplement maker I know of does this.
Doesn’t that make you wonder what they are hiding?
Maybe they don’t test their finished products! Ugh, that's terrible if they don't, as it's a total disservice to those who actually need this unique supplement.
Introducing a Premium Fish Oil - DHA Script
My unique formula will help support a healthy heart by providing heart-healthy omega 3 fatty acids.*
Vitamin D3 will also help support the structure and function of your bones, heart, teeth, muscles, and immune health.*

As you can see, the benefits are endless.

The American Pregnancy Association supports the use of DHA supplements before and during pregnancy to provide omega 3 nutrition for both baby and mom.

With 500 mg DHA per serving, DHA Script generously fulfills international recommendations for DHA intake. Plus, we’ve added 2500 IU natural cholecalciferol vitamin D3 for strong bones and a healthy mood.*   
There's an old saying that if you fail to plan, you plan to fail. Well, I've taken every step to make sure that doesn't happen to you.
Because each softgel provides 500 mg of DHA plus 2,500 IU of vitamin D3.
Fish oil in its natural “triglyceride” state:
  • Purified to remove mercury 
  • No color added - not in the oil, not in the softgel! 
  • ​Absolutely nothing artificial 
  •  No preservatives  
  •  No yeast or starch  
  •  Gluten-free  
  •  Lactose-free 
  •  Bovine-free (tilapia-based softgels) 
  •  Non-GMO (completely clean and natural)
Receive this informative e-book FREE with purchase ($11.99 value)
In this e-book you will learn about DHA’s importance, both for you as a mother and for your baby.
DHA can be the key to supporting a healthier body and brain.*

Through my book you can discover why a clean, high-quality, DHA nutritional supplement can be a beneficial way to help fortify the body, the specific ways it can provide nutritional support to you and your baby, and why it is especially important to have DHA in your diet during your pregnancy.* 
Isn't Your Brain Worth $14 a Month?
DHA Script is a 100-day supply of some of the purest ingredients and best combination of DHA, vitamin D3, and omega-3s available to boost you like nothing else out there.
Compare that to the cost of a doctor visit... and ask yourself what synthetic product would they offer you? Is there even any synthetic available at all to boost you without unwanted side effects? And can you use a mental and physical boost to accomplish all you want in 2017? Start with DHA Script, get yourself on track, and if you are not 100% satisfied, then there is no financial risk because read below...
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  • Supports cognition and brain function* 
  • ​Supports emotional well-being* 
  • ​Contains a unique blend of Omega-3 fatty acids + vitamin D 
I am so certain that this is the best quality nutritional supplement in its category on the market with the very best formulation, that if you try it and you don’t see the results you like within 90 days, I will give you a full refund.

I believe in my products and I know if you give them a try, you will too.

With a no-hassle policy and no financial risk, just the possibility of real health benefits.
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