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Get life-changing information about your hormones.
To be comfortable, and healthy you need to know levels AND metabolism. 
Find out the way your body processes estrogen, testosterone, B12, glutathione, melatonin and more!
A special DUTCH urine test can tell you!
Do the test at home. Whether or not you have taken this test is irrelevant. The ebook will help you.
Click below to download Suzy Cohen's new ebook.

Here's a sampling of some of the topics in this ebook!📘

A word from the author, Suzy Cohen, RPh 
 This is not generic information, it is potentially, life-changing information with facts that could be huge for you!
Like the fact that testosterone turns into estrogen in both men very fast sometimes, and it can cause acne, heavy periods, prostate enlargement and urinary urgency!
That's pretty important because if you don't know then your doctor will just keep medicating you!
I'll tell you more - this is an easy-to-read book on an otherwise complex topic! It's one of a kind info! 💝
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