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Amazing information about how B vitamins help you from head to toe!
It's surprising but a comfortable life requires sufficient B vitamins!🤗
Find out the 12 most important reasons you could benefit from taking a B complex vitamin.
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Here's a sampling of some of the topics in this ebook!📘

A word from the author, Suzy Cohen, RPh 
 This is not generic information, it is potentially, life-changing information with facts that could be huge for you!
Like the fact that regular B complex vitamins (like those sold at pharmacies and most health food stores still sell you the precursor (inactive) B vitamins! For example "cyanocobalamin," or "folic acid" or even  "pyridoxine" or "riboflavin." 
That's pretty useless if you can't activate them!
I'll tell you more - this is a quick, easy read! 💝
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