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Thanks for helping me decide where to focus next year.
😉👍 The results of the official poll are in, and the winner is an eye formula!
I am already finalizing the special custom formula which will include the basic eye nutrients you’ve heard of such as lutein and zeaxanthin PLUS two unique compounds that have been clinically shown to improve macular health, night vision, contrast, blurriness and even dryness!
It’s called Vision Script and it’s going to be a custom formula, exclusive to my brand.

Vision Script will be available in April 2020 🙏 and trust me I am all over this like an ant at a picnic! 🐜 If I can make it happen sooner, I absolutely will.
If this formula interests you, you can sign up and I will share a few updates and maybe ask your opinion about label colors if you don’t mind… and also, you’ll be the first to know of it’s release.
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