Here's how you 🤗 can STRENGTHEN your immune system with natural remedies - use healing teas,🍵 essential oils, and herbal supplements!🌿
This is particularly important if you have an autoimmune illness.
Find out about how you can protect yourself during these times of stress and illness in the world.
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Here's a sampling of some of the topics in this ebook!📘

A word from the author, Suzy Cohen, RPh 
 This is not generic information like you might find on the Internet. Everyone knows the basics! This ebook contains straight-forward, potentially, life-saving information.
Like the fact that some herbs can demolish even the most stealth pathogens, and yet no one is telling you about them.
That's pretty unfair if you think about it!
I'll tell you more - this is a quick, easy read! 💝
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