Vision Script - Nutrition for Your Eyes
Supports Retinal, Macular and Corneal Health*
What would it be like to enjoy healthier eyes?
To see things with crispness and comfort...
Let me help you. There are brand new, pioneering studies on the use of saffron for eye health.
This flower-derived compound provides real help for the eyes.
There are other fruit extracts and pigments that support pigment and coloration in the eye. 
As a pharmacist (whose passion is natural medicine) I can tell you with confidence: I got this! 🤗
🏆Proudly Introducing Vision Script™
You will NOT find this combination in any other eye formula on the  market. 
Scientifically Researched Ingredients in Vision Script™
Saffron Extract (Crocus sativus)
Increases insulin receptor expression*
This formula contains a patented form of saffron called "Saffron EX 5C"  which is kosher, non-GMO and DNA-tested to assure purity! So you will be getting what you pay for! (Perhaps you don't realize this, but saffron is frequently 'cut' with cheaper powders and sold as if they were true saffron!)   

The unique extraction process guarantees you get the highest levels of the constituents in saffron: Safranal, crocins, picrocrocins and safromotivines. This form of saffron "Saffron EX 5C" has been clinically researched age-related concerns within the macula structure of the eye.* Saffron is also thought to have a beneficial impact on bone health due to its ability to reduce cortisol and slightly raise estrogen.*

Black Currant Extract (Ribes nigrum) 
Eye hydration and nighttime light adaptation*
Clinical trials using extracts of black currants have determined that these gorgeous berries are rich in certain compounds that improve eye function in various ways.* For example, the eyes' ability to adapt to darkness, and enhancing blood flow to the eyes.* 

Research suggests that black currant extract delays visual field deterioration, especially in elderly individuals.* Interestingly, black currant extracts have a positive impact on moisture retention in the eye due to naturally-occurring vitamin C and other phytonutrients.*

Just FYI, black currants are stronger than bilberries and blueberries.
Vitamin A 
Maintain a clear cornea and support night vision*
Vitamin A is a critical fat-soluble vitamin that is a necessary component of rhodopsin, a protein in your eyes that enables you to see in the dark.* So, a vitamin A deficiency can negatively impact your night vision.* This could create safety issues if you drive at night or get up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom.

Vitamin A is required to help you maintain cornea health as you get older.*
Vitamin C 
Increase collagen formation for eye integrity*
Vitamin C is required for the formation of collagen, and collagen is a protein that provides structure to your eyes (and skin).* There have been some important recent studies that suggest vitamin C (which you do NOT make in the human body) can protect the structure of the eyes.* This can in turn can offer protection for the various structures off the eye.* The human cornea is about 0.5 mm thick at the center part, and the structure is held together by collagen-rich connective tissue. Vitamin C improves collagen synthesis.*
Antioxidants Lutein and Zeaxanthin
Nourish the macula and provide natural pigment*
The predominant carotenoids of the macular pigment in your eyes are two well-known antioxidants: Lutein and zeaxanthin. 

When an individual takes beta carotene, they have to wait for it to be turned into zeaxanthin in the body. Lycopene turns into lutein. That’s why Vision Script includes the 2 nutrients as their biologically active forms. They are direct pigment-forming nutrients themselves, no conversion needed.* There is no pre-cursor beta carotene which is what other formulas use.  These types of compounds are well known to support eye function and eye health.*
Vitamin E 
Protect the retina and reduce lipofuscin*
Research has shown that vitamin E, which is naturally found in nuts and seeds, can help fortify the eye, specifically the fat-loving portion of the cells and the retina.* The free radical harm to the eye is what can cause the breakdown of the retina. Termed retinal degeneration, it has been shown that vitamin E helps offset the harm done by these unstable molecules that break down healthy eye tissue.*

Studies provide clinical evidence that vitamin E also reduces accumulation of a harmful compound called "lipofuscin,” which can adversely impact eye health.*
Mineral Zinc 
Vitamin A transport and Melanin Production*
Zinc is highly concentrated in the eye! It shuttles vitamin A from the liver up to your eyes (retina), and produces melanin, which is a protective pigment.* Did you know that your eye color depends on how much melanin is in your iris? Blue and green eyes are lighter because they contain less melanin, compared to brown eyes.

Melanin is mostly in the retina and choroid, the vascular tissue layer under the retina. According to many clinical trials, this mineral, Zinc, which is NOT made in your body, is beneficial in supporting the integrity of the various structures of the eye.*

Reading your phone, tablet or computer causes constant exposure to blue light!
That hurts your eyes and damages the retina over time, compromising vision!

If you use digital devices, then use Vision Script!
Vision Script provides support for individuals who use computers and devices all day, which exposes you to blue light. 

Blue light penetrates all the way back to the retina. Research demonstrates that blue light can damage light-sensitive cells in your retina, increasing the risk for health issues affecting the macula!
This powerful formula contains Saffron EX 5C™ and feeds your eyes! 

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Get on a Vision Mission with Vision Script™ 
  • Supports integrity of the collagen-rich ligaments in the eye*
  • 100% botanical & mineral blend🌿
  • ​Non-glandular, vegan, and non-GMO
  • ​Two easy-to-swallow capsules taken once daily
  • ​Promote eye health and optimal optic nerve nourishment*
  • Free of magnesium stearate, the lubricant filler
  • No "other" ingredients or artificial colors/additives
  •  Ingredients are encapsulated in an "acid-resistant" vegetarian capsule to ensure potency!

    Vitamin A Activity Can Vary Greatly.

    This nutrient helps you see in the dark.🌙

    Many people assume they get enough vitamin A by eating carrots🥕 or other orange vegetables and fruits🍑 that contain "beta carotene." Although the human body normally converts the beta carotene into vitamin A, you cannot assume this happens for you! Some people cannot convert beta carotene into the retinal form of Vitamin A (due to a BC01 genetic SNP polymorphism). My husband and friend both have this gene. This genetic profile greatly slows down the conversion of beta carotene from fruits into A, causing a lifelong, chronic vitamin A deficiency.
    And insufficient vitamin A can lead to visual impairment, no matter how much beta carotene you 
    consume or supplement with!
    How does Vision Script™ stack up?
    Compared to Ocuvite® with Lutein & Antioxidants
    Here are the Major Differences and advantages:
    1. The Ocuvite has 2mg/tablet of Lutein, and Vision Script has 3mg/capsule (6 mg per day with 2 caps). This is not typed on my label because it's swept into the "proprietary blend" for patent purposes and to make sure my competitors don't steal my blend. 🤫 I'm sharing this detail with you because I want you to see the difference.

    2. Vision Script has Black Currant extract, a potent source of eye-loving anthocyanins. That's what does the work and it's stronger 💪 than bilberries too!

    3. Ocuvite does not contain Saffron, whereas Vision Script does. It contains 20mg of a clinically-studied form that I imported from France.🇫🇷

    4. Vision Script comes in capsule form, making it simple for you to empty the contents into yogurt, or apple🍎 sauce, etc. In contrast, Ocuvite is a tablet so you cannot do that.

    5. Vision Script's "Other ingredients" show Nu-FLOW® and Nu-RICE® which are made of crushed rice hulls by RIBUS.👍 It does not contain magnesium stearate or artificial FD&C dyes.
    6. Vision Script does not contain copper, as suggested in AREDS but I did that on purpose, with your health in mind. Copper may promote angiogenesis! ⚠️

    If you take an eye supplement for years, I don't recommend copper on a daily basis. I treat you like family, I want to protect you. So even though copper is part of AREDS, I intentionally left it out. I think you get enough copper if you eat beef, seafood, potatoes, chocolate, etc.

    7. A very important difference is that Vision Script is in a DR® capsule to protect the nutrients in each capsule from stomach acid. You NEED these ingredients to get down to your intestines, otherwise you don't absorb them! Only after absorption, do the nutrients🌱 get to your eyes.

    The Ocuvite brand above does not contain Zeaxanthin, which is part of AREDS. Both Lutein and Zeaxanthin are found naturally in your macula and block 'blue light' from harming the retina, thereby reducing risk of UV-induced free radical damage.* Vision Script has 2mg of Zeaxanthin.

    Compared to Preservision® Eye Vitamin & Mineral Supplement AREDS 2 Formula
    I noticed the front artwork on the label because I do graphic design now myself, and it has a badge saying it's "#1 Doctor Recommended.

    How did they arrive at such an incredible distinction? 🤔
    Did Bausch & Lomb conduct a poll between their own Ocuvite and Preservision, or between them and Systane's I-Caps or what?🤔 Did they ask 10 doctors and conclude with this accolade? Was it a purchased iStock badge... I've no idea... moreover, is it even true? Forgive my digression, I am just thinking out loud with you, and trying to figure this out. Anyway, let's see how they compare!
    Here are the 12 Primary Differences...
    1. Vision Script is the only product here that contains Vitamin A 🥕and Black Currant extract, two extraordinarily useful ingredients for healthy eyes, light adaptation and lubrication!*

    2. Vision Script has Black Currant extract, a potent source of anthocyanins or ACs. Preservision does not contain this. This STUDY will reveal how absolutely critical anthocyanins are for vision! Just scroll to the "conclusions" at the bottom.

    3. Preservision also does not contain Saffron, but Vision Script does. It contains 20mg of a clinically-studied form that I imported from France.🇫🇷

    4. Preservision has 1mg Zeaxanthin and Vision Script has twice as much!🏆 This nutrient is essential according to the AREDS 2 research. Both lutein and zeaxanthin are naturally found in your macula.👁️

    5. Vision Script's "Other ingredients" show essentially ONE ingredient (RICE), that's what's in the Nu-FLOW® and Nu-RICE® I'm not counting the DR Capsule listed because that's the actual capsule! Preservision contains various FD&C dyes.

    6. Preservision gives you "zinc oxide," which is relatively insoluble. This type of zinc is the white sunscreen that people apply to their nose at the beach, or use as white diaper rash cream. Vision Script contains chelated "zinc glycinate" and glycine is an amino acid in your retina.
    7. Vision Script does not contain any copper, as suggested by AREDS but I did that on purpose. Chronic copper supplementation is not something I recommend due to its role in angiogenesis and tumor spread, even in breast cancer. Please read more HERE.

    8. The Vitamin E used in Vision Script is "mixed" and is derived from non-GMO sunflower seed oil.🌻 Preservision uses "dl-alpha tocopheryl acetate" which is a single isomer of E, plus it's synthetic.

    9. The Preservision® has 5mg Lutein per dose, and Vision Script has 6mg. 🥗This is not typed on my label because it's swept into the "proprietary blend" to protect the patent.

    10. Vision Script comes in capsule form, making it simple for you to empty the contents into coffee☕ or smoothie. Preservision is a softgel.

    11. I have less Vitamin C, 100mg (compared to Preservision's 250mg). But I have a stand-alone Vitamin C supplement you can take if you really want more C. It's there to offset free radicals.*🧬

    12. Preservision contains "cupric oxide" and I'm not sure whether that's to impart "1mg copper" or as a coloring agent. But either way, according to the Journal of Nutrition, "Cupric Oxide Should Not Be Used As a Copper Supplement for Either Animals or Humans." 🤷‍♀️
    Buy Vision Script because it SHOULD be the #1 Doctor Recommended Formula!😂
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    I'm confident you will  see and feel benefits within weeks.
    Vision Script™
    ⚠️CAUTION: Saffron has been known to gently increase levels of natural estrogen over time, while lowering cortisol. Considered a perk for the Hypotholamic Pituitary Axis (HPA axis) and especially useful for those interested in bone health* I feel this is important for you to know up front. There is 20mg of saffron extract in TWO caps.

    If you wish, you may take 1 capsule per day, (instead of the recommended 2 caps), or avoid this supplement until your physician approves. We always ask that you consult your physician before taking new vitamins.*
    Vision Script supports healthy vision and eyesight.*
    1 bottle contains 60 capsules = 1 to 2 month supply depending on how many caps you take per day.

    Suggested Use: Take 2 capsules daily with a snack or meal.

    If you're just using this to help with eye fatigue or eye strain from blue light (reading on your phone/computer) then 1 capsule per day is a great for maintenance.

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    Functional Medicine practitioner for over 25 years.

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    Vision Script works!

    I'm the author of some holistic books, including "DIABETES WITHOUT DRUGS"

    Nourish Your Eyes Quickly
    Help protect your visual function, optic nerve health, and macular, corneal, and retinal health.* As a perk, the antioxidants in this supplement work in your body to support healthy levels of cytokines.*

    My Vision Script is patent-pending and contains SAFFRON EX 5C™ guaranteed to be non-GMO, high purity, clinically researched for vision benefits, and most importantly, unadulterated!
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